Mosquitoes are small species like flies.There are more than 3,500 species of mosquitoes. A mosquito can drink up to three times its weight in blood. Sweat helps mosquitoes to select their victims. Human skin produces more than 340 chemical odors, and some of them smell like dinner to mosquitoes. They are fond of octenol, a chemical released in sweat, as well as cholesterol, folic acid, certain bacteria, skin lotions, and perfumes. They can spread danderous diseases such as malaria, dengue and brain fever etc.

Dengue fever is a disease that has increased many times in Delhi NCR in recent times. Statistics regarding the cases and deaths caused by dengue mosquitoes have become very alarming for the Delhi government. Unhygienic living conditions, high humidity, and presence of still water provide a fertile breeding ground to the mosquitoes causing dengue fever in human beings. The time period of three months from June to August proves deadly for the region as maximum cases and deaths caused by dengue take place during these months. Thankfully, there is YCI Pest Control to provide protection to the homeowners across Delhi NCR. It is one of the most popular mosquito control services in Delhi NCR.

If you feel mosquitoes have grown in numbers with increasing humidity and hot summer months, it is time to ask for help from professionals to relax and breathe easy. Home remedies like mosquito nets on beds and use of mosquito repellant liquids do help in protecting your loved ones from the bites of deadly mosquitoes but they are no guarantee of 100% protection. Even a single bite of the dengue mosquito can prove costly in terms of hospitalization and all the related medical expenses. Once you get your home treated for all kinds of mosquitoes by the experts of YCI Pest Control, you can breathe a sigh of relief. They use only organic and natural chemicals to get rid of mosquitoes from the premises of their customers.

Termite is another ugly pest creating problems in the lives of homeowners across the region. This ugly creature finds its way inside the homes of its victims and lives there to thrive and grow in numbers over a period of time. Termite feeds on the cellulose present inside wood and attacks furniture items like sofa set, chairs, tables, and cabinets in bedrooms and kitchens. Termites leave behind a trail of destruction if they are not detected early. If you see signs of termite colonies in your home, you should not waste any time and call in experts to identify these colonies and spray chemicals to exterminate these ugly creatures.

You will find lots of pest control companies operating in Delhi NCR. Nearly all of them claim to have best quality and most affordable services. When it comes to termite control services in Delhi NCR, there is no one that comes even close to YCI Pest Control in terms of quality and affordability. You can rest assured of complete eradication of termites from your property once you choose YCI Pest Control to deal with the termite problem in your home.


Remove all sources of standing water around your home, which includes pet bowls, drainage water, rainwater, dustbins, bird baths, terrace etc.

Clean and chlorinate swimming pools and frequently change water in birdbaths to prevent mosquito bredding.

Water tanks should be kept tightly closed. A black plastic sheet can be used for the purpose. Also, tanks should be emptied, cleaned and allowed to dry for at least half an hour, once every week.

Do not throw utensils, vessels, buckets, tyres, bottles, tender coconut shells etc in the open areas.

Reach out a professional pest control service provider for assistance to prevent mosquito breeding. Fogging is an effective treatment to control mosquitoes near your premise.