Wood Borer

Wood Borer encompasses many species and families of beetles whose larval or adult forms eat and destroy wood by turning it into a fine powder called ‘frass’. Wood Borer can damage wood furniture as well as structural and decorative wood inside of buildings. The beetle larvae feed in and do most of the damage to wood, and when they reach the adult stage, they emerge through round exit holes, which they create by chewing through the wood surface. The live Safely inside the wood and continue to tunnel and feed for several years. Wood borer most often attack dying or dead trees.

Prevention Of Wood Borer:-

When building a new home, make sure that there is a warranty from the builder or a wood supplier against wood borer infestation.

Avoid using old lumber that may have been infested at another location. Don't build wood borers into your primise.

Do not use wood that hasn’t been stored and dried properly. Keep the wood moisture levels below 13% by using 4-6 ml of polyethylene on the soil under pier and beam structures.

Increase ventilation in moist areas, ensure that there is sufficient air inflow and outflow to help carry moisture away.

Always monitor older furniture for signs of exit holes and signs of damage. Every exit holes or damage should be thoroughly investigated. Remember, active wood borer have been found in furniture that was over 35 years old.

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